Sunday, 30 May 2010

My poor neglected blog... awesomeness is on it's way!

Well maybe not blog wise, but these next couple of weeks should be fun fuilled for me at least!

First things first, multimedia assesments are finished! Which means little to whoever is reading this but it basicaly means I am no longer working 14-16 hour days with very little breaks. Infact, i have booked 18 days off work starting in 2 day's, 11 of which will be payed, and I finaly got the pay rise I have been wanting for a while, although that probibily won't come into reality for a while yet...

Photo of all the technicion's that worked the multimedia assesments

Which means no more assesment work till at least October, which is a shame really, I do enjoy them, but don't tell the student's that ;)

So tomorow the fun starts! Tonight I have to finish the show (Bomber's Moon, it's really good!), do the get out, then go home and have a masive packing sesion so i have everything ready for all the upcoming events, which is going to totaly suck cause i HATE packing! Then tomorow, i get up, set some stuff up at work, leave the guy's to it and get on a train because....

I am going to see Lady gaga!

This was a bit last minuite, my sister had two tickets to see her at the O2 arena and someone dropped out so she offered the other ticket to me, i can't wait, i bet she will be amazing live, I have been to the 02 arena twice before, once to go to the fanclub member's only Metallica show with my friend Samantha, and last time was with my older sister to go to the Michael Jackson tribute, if there's one thing you will learn about me from reading this blog it's that my music taste makes no sence

The next day I am getting a stupidly early train to my home town because it's my boyfriend's birthday, and we wil just be chiling out. I don't really know if my boy would want me to put a picture of him on the net so instead....

Happy birthday baby!

Last week was my mum's birthday but as I was working and didn't get to see her so the next day will mostly consist of me hanging out with my mummy <3

Me and Mum at the P!nk gig last year

On friday I am off to London again, this time me and the boy are stopping at my sister's for the weekend for the Bizarre ball

A friend of a friend won tickets and couldn't go so now me and the boy are attending in their place, the theme is carnival, but as it was last minuite i couldn't think of anything to go as, so I figured to hell with it and instead I am going as my blog's name sake, I am going as an industrial Alice :). This is what i have bought to wear so far (i just pray to got it all comes before I set off for London next week!)

These shoes wern't the cheapest but I don't mind because I know I will wear them alot

A latex Alice mask, a bit random but i kind of love it!

My Alice style corset, think this look's Alicey enough?

This is the one thing i'm most unsure of, latex blue skirt, i purposly got it to my hip size and not my waist size as I am worryed about the fit, I don't have the smallest bottom half, so i'm just hoping this works out ok!

And these are the cyberlox I am getting, the guy who is making them is going to stick some yellow in there too to make them a little more Alice like at no extra cost along with a clip in white fringe.

That is pritty much all of it, along with some Alice socks i already have and other bit's and bobs, oh and these awsome Cheshire Cat cyber goggles I already have which i love!

I just hope it all comes together and people can actualy tell who i'm ment to be. Then when i'm back from that it's strait to Download festival! This will be my 5th year in a row of going and I love it, although these day's i think it has more to do with meeting up with old freinds then Download itself

Then the day after I am back from that I go back to London once more to stay at my sister's before going with her and her Texan friend to Paris for a day as both me and him have never been before, I am not sure what this will consist of yet, then back to Lincoln to work the Art's Festival, then back to my home town once more to look after my little sister for a week as my parents are away

and so concludes my next month!

Love ya's all!


Thursday, 6 May 2010

some kind of apologie may be needed...

So I have just realised that everywhere I look there are unfinished blogs, seriously i have two on my desktop and i just found one in my emails that I sent to myself to finish and never did! probably a bit late to upload them now...

so yeah, I've been working a lot and I've just had a week off for my birthday, which was awesome, but "hopefully" i might even get something half decent posted!