Saturday, 24 July 2010

a minor hiatus....

This blog is not dead!  I know ive been away for a while but that is because of a few things

1. disapearing to download, london, etc and generaly being away from my laptop.

followed by

2.  babysitting at my parents with the boy so not being online much

followed by

3.  i moved house 3 weeks ago and havnt had the net installed yet, which would have been resolved by tuesday, which would mean i'd be blogging again if the next thing hadnt just happened....

4. ive been offered a job, very last minuite, to go work the fringe festivle in Edinborough as a technicion, and as its super late i have to leave first thing tomorow!  *arrrrrrrr!!!!*  so i wont have the net again till i get back about the 4th or September.....

so you see!  i havn't abandond you!  my life is just a bit nuts at the moment...... i will try and make up for it back when my life is dull again! in the mean time, all i can do is try and take plenty of photos for along the way! 

see you at the fringe