Friday, 26 February 2010

Some people....

....are just so rude and it winds me right up!

working for ungrateful people is more then a little irritating

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Odeon and the Alice

Hey guy’s,

Just a quick one as I’ve just got back from a long day at work and I have an to be at work at 8 tomorrow for a 13 hour day *cries*

Anyway so there’s been allot of talk about this going round at work so I thought I’d bring it up with you guys. The topic being the boycott of the new Alice in Wonderland by Odeon and other major cinema chains.

For those of you that are not aware, many British Cinema’s, namely the Odeon chain, are not playing the new Alice in Wonderland film because Disney have shortened the DVD release time from the usual 17 to 3 months. Odeon basically are opposed to this as they think it will cut into their cinema sales as people could just wait for the DVD release and they can’t play it at the cinema for as long. They also fear that other companies will follow suit, leading to the downfall of British Cinema going in favour of waiting for DVD releases.

The conversations I’ve had seem to be split into two camps, people who believe that its Disney film and they can basically do what the hell they want with it, plus those who want to see it will go elsewhere. (For instance where I live in Lincoln only has one cinema, and that’s an Odeon, which means I will have to travel to Sheffield to go and see it and I won’t be able to see it on the release date as I’m working till late). Others seem to think that it’s just a case of Disney being unnecessarily greedy. I’m not sure, what do you guy’s reckon?

The only other thing that’s irritating me about this film is the total overkill of merchandise before the film coming out. In particular the range at Claire’s accessories, all of which is focused on Jonny Depp, not an Alice in site!

However I am still totally looking forward to this film! I just hope it lives up to the hype!

Welcome to my world


Hi, so here are the basics, I’m 21, living in Lincoln, and working in the theatre industry, trying make myself a decent career, and no I don’t want to be an actress and you defiantly won’t see me on Eastenders! Backstage is my forte!

My name isn’t actually Alice, I just have a minor *ahem* obsession with Alice in Wonderland, and I love industrial music, so that explains the name.

I’m in a long distance relationship, we’ve been together just short of 3 years. He’s from my hometown so I try and get back as often as I can afford, I am aware that without the internet our relationship probably wouldn’t exist, websites like MSN keep us in contact everyday and I’m grateful for that!

(Just as a warning by the way I’m dyslexic, so if bad spelling and grammar get on your nerves then I apologise in advance, I am going to write this in Microsoft Word first so hopefully that should iron out a few errors!)

I will end this with a short summery of my day! It was my day off so I slept for far too long and generally just felt lazy for most of the day! Eventually I forced myself up and into town; I went to Debenhams to look at this:

Which I’ve decided I must own! It’s the new Urban Decay book of eye shadows. All the shadow’s match the colours in the new Tim Burtan Alice film colours and they’ve been renamed to go along with the film, for instance jabberwocky,White Rabbit etc. It also comes with a “drink me” bottle which is filled with eye primer and a couple of eyeliners. It was first brought to my attention by Jenny who has an awesome blog here: several months ago but I thought it would only be brought out in the US. However while my boyfriend was down the other day we went to Debenhams to look for a benefit counter and there it was! Also the same day my friend Amy had bought it, who also has an awesome blog and reviewed it here: So after much trawling on the internet looking at reviews (it wasn’t cheap so I didn’t want to waste my money) I’ve decided I need to own this! I don’t usually wear makeup but I have started to try so this would be a great start, and I didn’t find one bad review! I will have to wait till pay day at the least though so I checked they had plenty in stock and they did!

I also found a DKNY perfume there, I don’t know the name, it was one of the apple ones but it was a pink limited edition one, so as my Ed Hardy perfume is running low I may just own that soon too!

Then I bought myself a perfume bottle, which my boyfriend gave me the money for when he came down at the weekend. I’ve always wanted a proper perfume bottle with a pump spray. It’s similar to this style:

Only with a different design. It has cute metal flowers round the top, i love it! (thank you mr boyfriend)

Then I went to the 4Front household to drop off some stage management stuff and catch up with the company developments, then home and a bath with a jingle spells bath bomb, the last from my Christmas box, which turned my bath a beautiful purple and filled it with little silver stars, was awesome J

And to end I want to wish a very happy birthday to Miss Samantha Ashurst. I have known her since I was born pretty much and she is awesome, always giddy and always makes me laugh, we can talk at each other at a hundred miles an hour and still understand each other. I miss her allot and can’t come back for her birthday, Nor her birthday night out as I’m working late, so happy birthday Sammy and have a great week! (she has a blog here

My boyfriend has already commented on how I usually write too much on these things, so I better shut up now

Sweet dreams