Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Disney and Porn

stole this from a friend, i love it, so true

currently listening to queen cause its sunny, and packing all my worldly belongings as im moving.  Im leaving with only girls for the first time ever.  i know, me and girl mates, its unreal!  but there awsome so its gonna be epic :)

i own alot of shit......


Little Sister Epic Quote Number 1: "I don't understand emo's, when i'm sad i just have a cup of tea and hopefully a yorkshire pudding and everything is better"

Sunday, 27 June 2010

well i just...

stood in an overpriced club for hours, then payed extra money to stand in a cue and hold my freinds bags while they met Keith Duffy.  I am a good friend.  :)

Anyway i don't watch tv very often, but the other night as I was home alone and scouring 4od for something to watch, usualy i go strait to the history section or comerdy, but i felt like something different, that's when the one of documentry drama "Sunday" cought my eye.

reacently the protesters who died on the so called "bloody sunday" were finaly given the "Innocent" status, I saw this on the news but I didn't really know much about it so this caught my eye.

I'm not going to go into it too much but lets just say it was an incredibly moving piece, it made me sob like a baby and i never cry at T.V or films, i know it should be taken with a pinch of salt as it's made for entertainment but its hard to get your head around this level of needless violence.  Just watch is all i can say, it takes a while to get going but its well worth it.



Saturday, 19 June 2010

And then the awesomeness turned to illness

So much has happened since I last wrote anything on here I actually haven’t had time to sit and take it all in until just now

I am currently sat on a train for the 3rd time in so many weeks, on my way to my sisters ready for Paris.

My first trip to London after my last blog was of course to see the fabulous Lady Gaga,  the show was amazing, she had so many costume chages i struggled to count them and each one was as ridiculous and amazing as the last, her voice held up awsomly well live and the whole thing seemed more reminiscent of a stage show then a typical music performance.  There was a narrative, a ton of incredible scene changes and Lady gaga and her main dancers even took a bow at the end.  She came across really genuine and seemed to connect with the audience which is a difficult job to do in a sell out venue such as the O2 orena.  Semi Precious wepons walmed up  the croud for Gaga before hand and i can honestly say the lead singer was one of the campest people ive ever seen, wearing a glittery skirt, leggings, sequined high heels, lots of make up and little else he litteraly exsuded energy from the stage, the mixture of pure campness and rock music was an oddly good mix.

After a very quick trip home came my second trip back to London town, this time with the boy to attend the Bizzare ball, we decided to make a weekend of it and i have to say i had a fantastic time with the boy <3.  We went shopping, visited the comic museum and the british museum (I now have lots moer tank girl comics yey!), had lots of awesome food, did a ton of walking and spent a night in a theatre filled with people in fetish clothes mutilating themselves, getting makid, and abusing others, also known as the bizarre ball 2010! 

Strait back from that and i was literly thron into Download Festivle 2010.  That whole week was pure madess once more with some of the bext friends i could as for!  Lots of mudd, and sunshine, the first few days consisted of some deadlry drinking games, overly priced food and general loudness.  Friday the Friday, Saterday and Sunday were band days and what a great show most bands put on.  Killswich Engage were a personal highlight for me, I used to be such a huge metal fan but I feel at the moment that my love of industrial has pushed me away from most of that scene, so it’s great to ahve a band like this one throw you strait back in it again as if you’ve never left.  They are one of the few bands who I have been great without fail everytime i’ve seen them play, they genuinely have fun and always maage to get the crowed going, oh and there guitarist is a madman who “wants to headbutt all your girlfriends vaginas” you have to commend his honesty!  ACDC put on a show which was literally unreal for a festivle, they had there own stage which had an entire train built into it, they used every trick in the book and it worked so well.  Im not going to claim I was ever one of ACDC’s biggest fan’s before but it has deffinalty changed my view of them towards the better, the amount of energy they gace at the age was amazing, and some of there lesser known songs I engoyed much more the expected, there a band toyou ca’t halp but have so much respect for.  Bullit for my valantine I almost feel I have grown up with, about the time I started going to gigs heavily is about the time they started touring with well known bands, for a few years it seemed that literally any band I went to see, they supported them, so it feels wierd that i now hunt them out to watch them, i guess this is a good sign of there growth.  Brought out as the british Trivium they seem to have carried on were Trevium failed (mainly in not trying to become metalica!), the newer songs seemed great and the older ones made me feel like a 16yerar old “dirty mosher/bagghead/ whatever chavs shouted at me in the street” again which can only be a good thing.  Plus it appears Matt tuck has aged far worce then I have, so i can’t complain ;)

My biggest regret of this festivle was Sunday, the reain came and after trying to avoiding it by hiding in the 3rd tent, one of the few that was covered, listening to some terrible scremo band who must have wondered how they had sudernly become so popular, idecided that my determination to see the hilarious mock metal band Steel Panther was eough to brave rain for, and so I went, managed to get a good place to see them, but ended up so soaked i literally had no way of dreying out, by which time my one pair of shows were filled with mud and my jacket was totaly sodern with water, i had to call it a day and come bak early, missing stone sour and aerosmith, something which is a huge shame.

As a result of the said rain I am now suffereing from the worst cold I have had in ages,  i forgot my passport yesterday ad had to go ck to Lincoln ad collect it, and have now realised the train i have booked back to licoln from London i need to get to make iot back to work the following day i wont be able to make because I wont get back from Paris intime to catch, and its the last trai of the day, it seems my good times are chaging, but i ca only hope ot, now for the rest of this jurney i am goig to watch sword in the stone, happy days J

That’s all folks


P.S sorry for my lack of visuals i this blog, all my pictures are eather tied up in my camera phone, which i cant find the lead for, on my shitty disposable cameras which i havn’t had developed yet, or belong to my boy, so I will ahve to see if he will let me use them first J  hopefiully I will have a photo blog soon!