Wednesday, 21 April 2010

"a dream is a wish your heart makes, when your fast asleep"

So i have this wierd habit, when i work alot or have alot to do. i dream about work, i go over and over things i need to do. I guess alot of people do this, but sometimes it really helps, i seem to have the ability to memorise things in my sleep.

For instance I'm one of those people who if i make a mistake at work, will own up to it and then beat myself up over for it for a while so i know i won't do it again, this has now transfered im to my sleep. In my dreams i can go over and over what i did wrong and how to do things so in the morning I know how to do it, wierd but useful

The pinicle of this recently was when i was Stage Managing for a touring company, first night we opened in Derby i hadn't had time to go over the changes in the technical script properly and as a result I gave a few incorect cues during the show. Anoyed with myself i went back to the place we were staying on tour, went to bed and in my sleep i somehow managed to memorise my technical script, in my head i went over and over, page by page, when i woke up I knew it off by heart, so strange!

I'm only talking about that now as last night i feel asleep reading "the lives of the English rakes" cause I'm a big nerd and I woke up with this poem going over and over in my head

God bless our good and gracious king,
Whose promise none relies on;
Who never said a foolish thing,
Nor ever did a wise one.

Nerd Points to whoever know's who wrote it and which King it was about!

In other news I Just bought wreck this journal, I haven't started it yet but I'm going to wait till I've stuck my other pics on here cause I want to document it on here :) it's gonna be awesome!

P.S sorry for there being no pics in this one, i tried but it just wont have it, someone show me how to work this thing!

All the world needs is a late opening chippy...

Just finished another long and stressful shift at work, one of those where the day starts well but ends in a lot of running round and panicking to the point where it actual seems like 2 different days rather then one long one...

Anyway because of the complicated get in and lots of minor things not working for no apparent reason or simply "disappearing" (don't even get me started on that) I ended up doing another 14 hour shift with only one break. Which basically meant towards the end of the day I was starving, having not eaten since dinner. So during the interval i ran to Tesco express to grab some food (you have no idea how stressful it is in a cue at a supermarket when you know you have to be back in the theatre and at the tech desk in 15 minutes or you hold up the whole show)

Anyway so on my way running back wolfing down some form of over priced edible-ness I over heard this conversation from a guy and his friend carrying a bag of chips:
" this is the problem, this is what the world needs, a chippy that's open till midnight, and 3am on weekends obviously. Seriously, I am fed up of eating kebabs on a Friday night, and the word "pizza" doesn't even mean anything to me any more..."

small things get you through the day :)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

just a little something moving...

This really is one of the moving and touching things I've seen on-line, its a short photo documentary, reminded me a lot of my own experiences when my granddad when he was getting "ill" the year or so before he died, the desperation and frustration of trying to get a seemingly simple message across, along with the knowledge that your loved one didn't have long left, and grasping onto all those little moments that make you laugh and that make them unique, all the little stories and quirks, all that history.

I miss my grandparents very much, my granddad was in the navy and a very proud man, my nan-nan was just an amazing women, from start to finish, she was a huge influence on my life.

Friday, 16 April 2010

jacket potatoes, Tesco self-service and other moral dilemmas...

So today, I was working in a different theatre and for lunch I went to the market to get a jacket potato from one of the independent stalls, the man who worked there was lovely and was chatting to me as he made my food, I gave him a 10 pound note and as we were taking I realised he'd handed me back 3.50 plus two 5 pounds notes as change. Clearly a mistake, but was I honest and inform him of the mistake? No, I felt guilty and considered what to do but while I was thinking about it I was already putting the money back in my wallet and I walking away. I ended up 3.50 better off and with free food. The question is, even though it was his mistake, was it morally wrong for me not to tell him about it? The truth is I probably only felt slightly guilty about it because it was a tiny market stall, not a big chain, and the man was lovely and friendly.

Linked in some very loose way is my new theory on how to segregate "unworthy" people from the gene pool. (I hope that doesn't sound too Hitler-like!)

Its a simple yet effective test, imagine you are in Tesco Express and are two separate cues, one for "normal" Service and one for "self" service, If there is no cue for the self-service mashines, and yet you stay in the normal cue (unless you are old, disabled, have a ton of shopping or have another good reason) then you are therefore deemed an idiot and should not be aloud to breed, and this cutting out the "stupid" gene. Simple yet effective I think! Stupidity is too widely excepted these days

that is all


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Calling all true Disney geeks...

My friend Amy is currently planning a trip to Disney World with her other half so i thought i would share 3 links to some radio shows which are awesome to anyone as obsessed with Disney and Disney World as i know me and Amy are!

First and foremost WDW Radio:

This is only of interest if your a true Disney World geek, its basically a podcast, although i listen through the website, simply click "Listen to the show". Its all based around Disney world, planning and ridiculously minuscule and nerdy details you would only know about if you've been. Very entertaining and informative

Secondly WDWLIVE Disney radio

This has 2 channels, one plays one random Disney songs and the other plays songs from the park

and lastly my favorite, dtuneslive

This has tons of different stations on it, all dedicated to different things, for instance park rides, ambient music, film music, shows etc. Is a true Disney nerds dream

hope you enjoy, sorry this is fast n messy my mind is elsewhere at the moment